The Moment of Inspiration

In 2007 inspiration presented itself to Craig Bailey in the form of a latte at a coffee shop in Ridgefield, WA. Why was the foamy latte so much better while drinking it in the shop?

The Sensory Experience Documented

This may seem to be Mad Science gone awry, but we are very passionate about our coffee and how to better enjoy the experience when we are on the go!  Lids do affect the drink sensory experience and here is the proof.

See What People Are Saying About FoamAroma

We'd like to thank River Maiden for hosting our to-go lid comparison test with their own customers at the downtown Vancouver, WA location, Dripster. Cheers!

Document Library Downloads

Enter our library and download support documents to better understand and promote the unique FoamAroma lides for a better tea and coffee experience.


FoamAroma® offers the coffee lover a better sensory experience that rewards them with maximum enjoyment of their coffee time.


SCAA Chronicle Article: The Love Is In The Lid


Sensory Test Proves Lids Make A Difference